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You have questions? Here are the answers. You can also use our confipay helpcenter.

How do I create a new user?


  • User must have authorization to create new users in client management

  • The correct client must be selected (only when working in several different clients)

To create a new user, you have to switch to the client administration via the cogwheel in the upper right corner.

Clicking Add opens the following mask. The data can be filled in according to the guidelines of the corresponding company.

After clicking on Save, a page will open with the possibility to invite the new user by e-mail. When the user clicks on the invitation link in the email, the account is verified and the creation of a password is requested.

More information: User

How do I set up an EBICS contact?

By clicking on Master data > EBICS contacts. Click on the Add icon (Plus) in the upper right corner and select whether to import or add new.

After clicking Add, this appears:

In the Name field, it is useful to put the technical participant type in parentheses, e.g. TECHTEIL (T), or MUELLER (E).

The information from the bank parameter sheet must be inserted here, where the partner ID may also be named customer ID, and the user ID may also be named participant ID, depending on the bank.

More information: EBICS contacts

How do I resubmit a SEPA file without creating it again in my ERP program?

To resubmit a SEPA file, the file must first be downloaded as follows:

  • Payments > SEPA files / select date / select file > 3 points > Download

Then the file has to be dragged into the gray area via Import > SEPA Files / File and uploaded (see picture):

It is possible that the file will be rejected by the konfipay duplicate check upon manual resubmission. With default settings, this check goes back 24 hours into the past, that is, if a file was submitted for the first time less than 24 hours ago, it will be rejected upon manual resubmission.

Rejection of a duplicate SEPA file upon manual resubmission

This duplicate check can be turned off manually to avoid this issue. The setting can be found under API Settings > Checks > Double Submission. After a successful resubmission, the duplicate check must then be reactivated.

A payment file wasn't transferred. How can I determine the reason?

Upon receipt of this or a similar message, more information can be obtained via the 3 points > Details:

Where can I download statements as PDF files?

The prerequisite is that the order type BKA is enabled for the corresponding EBICS contact. This documents how this can be determined.

  1. Miscellaneous files > Retrieved files

  2. Select date range using date picker

  3. Search for PDF in the search

  4. 3 points > Download

Is it possible to create templates in konfipay?

No, this is currently not possible.

Do I need a second client in konfipay, if my ERP is handling a second client?

It depends on how much the companies need to be separated from each other, legally. From a technical standpoint, however, it is not necessary. For specific questions about this, please contact our

Are there limitations in konfipay regarding the number of files, file size, transfer volume, etc.?

No, konfipay does not have such limitations. If a file is not processed nonetheless, more information is available in the details, or depending on the type of error at the corresponding credit institution.

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