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Bank transfers

Under Payments, you will find a range of different bank transfer types in konfipay, recognizable by the sky-blue transfer forms. The form and its functions are identical for all transfer types.

Filling out a transfer

Start by selecting the ordering party of the transfer from the drop-down list. The ordering party is the bank account from which the payment is to be sent. If one of your bank accounts is not displayed in this list, this means that the account does not support the respective transfer type.

Select the creditor from the drop-down list of existing payment partners. If the recipient has not yet been created as a payment partner, you can also enter their account details yourself. To do this, click on the "Plus" symbol next to “Creditor” and enter the details.

If you want to save a payment as a draft, you can leave the amount at 0.00 euros. When you click on Save the payment file is created and added to the payment list, but not yet transferred to the bank.

Payment list and file transfer to the bank

The payment list is located on the right-hand side of the view. All saved, but not yet transferred payments of the selected transfer type are displayed there. If required, you can also select the saved payments again and change or delete them.

To transfer manually created payments to the bank, visit Execute > Submit payments.

Cash discount calculator

If you are granted a cash discount by the creditor of a bank transfer, you can easily calculate the amount with the discount calculator. First, click on Discount calculator in the top left of the toolbar. Enter the original amount at the top and the discount as a percentage below. The discount calculator then automatically calculates the discount amount and offsets it against the original amount. Click on Applyto transfer the calculated discounted amount to the amount field of the transfer.

If you check the Enter cash discount in purpose of payment checkbox, information on the cash discount will also be transferred to the reference line of the transfer.

Configure view of transfer page

Depending on your requirements, you can also hide or enlarge the transfer form on the left-hand side or the payment list on the right-hand side.

To hide the payment list, click on Payment list in the top left-hand corner of the toolbar or on Hide in the top right corner of the toolbar. To display the payment list again, simply click again on Payment list.

To hide the transfer form, click on Enlarge in the top right-hand corner of the toolbar. To display the transfer form again, click on Reduce.

List of transfer types

The various transfer types differ as follows:




Standard SEPA or ISO 20022 transfer, depending on the recipient

Instant payment

SEPA Instant Payment

Urgent payment

SEPA express credit transfer (CCU)

Salary payment

SEPA credit transfer with SEPA Purpose Code "SALA"

Capital building payment

SEPA credit transfer with SEPA Purpose Code "CBFF"

Charity payment

SEPA credit transfer with SEPA Purpose Code "CHAR"

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