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Bank accounts


General information

This menu item shows all the bank accounts that have been set up for the respective client. Once a bank account is set up in konfipay, payment orders can be submitted or account transactions retrieved for it.

In the list, the accounts can be filtered by keywords or sorted by a category. If test accounts are used in a client, they can be hidden in the overview if desired. In konfipay, there are different connection types for bank accounts; these are described here in further detail.

Accounts overview with option to hide test accounts (1), to add accounts (2),
filter (3), other actions (4), and the connection type (5).

Add bank account

There are several ways to create a bank account for a client.

Manual capture

Using Add, a bank account can be created manually. For this purpose, only the IBAN and a name for the account are required as mandatory fields. If possible, konfipay completes the account number, bank code and BIC independently.

The combination of IBAN and currency must be unique within konfipay. A bank account can only be entered multiple times under the same IBAN if a different currency is specified each time.

Furthermore, an address and Creditor ID (the latter for direct debits) can be provided. Address information is divided into separate fields according to the ISO 20022 standard.

Manual entry of a bank account

Synchronization via the EBICS account list

If a client has an EBICS contact set up, konfipay retrieves the information provided by the bank for this contact automatically. This also includes information on the associated bank accounts as provided by the bank. These are thus created automatically by konfipay.

The retrieval of the account list takes place automatically at specified intervals, so that bank accounts that are added after the EBICS contact has been set up, are also created in konfipay without the need for manual entry.

Creation via API

Via the konfipay API, bank accounts can also be processed and managed by external applications. More information about creating bank accounts via the API can be found in the API documentation.

Creation via payment submission

In the API settings, the setting Create bank accounts automatically can be activated. This creates a bank account from a payment order automatically if it does not exist already. The setting is inactive by default and must be activated manually under the Actions tab.

Bank connection type

After an account has been created, konfipay then automatically determines via which data centre access type the account is connected to the bank. Via the upload settings the automatically defined setting per bank account can also be set manually.

Connection via EBICS

Provided that a separate, fully initalized EBICS contact is present, EBICS is automatically set as the connection type. Often, the account list is automatically retrieved from the bank when the EBICS contact is created, so accounts that are connected via EBICS do not have to be created separately in konfipay.

The connection via EBICS allows some more detailed setup options for the accounts concerned, for example, automation intervals can be defined specifically.

Connection via SRZ

If there is no own EBICS contact, the account will be opened via an SRZ connection linked to the bank's data centre. Here, konfipay uses a proprietary connection to the bank, which eliminates the need to set up a separate EBICS contact. Here you can find information about the credit institutions already connected to konfipay via SRZ.

However, in order to use accounts via an SRZ connection, it is essential that the SRZ participation agreement is filled in and sent to the bank by the customer, so that the bank can approve the account for the SRZ procedure on its side. This participation agreement is available as a PDF form for each account under the other options. You can read more on the SRZ activation process here.

Offline accounts

If an account displays the connection type offline, this account is not usable for any online interaction (neither SRZ nor EBICS), i.e. no payments can be transferred. This may be due to the fact that konfipay cannot assign a connection type to the account, for example, because no suitable bank access exists or the account information is not correct.


Identifiers serve the automatic assignment of account transactions to a bank account stored in konfipay. The assignment is generally made via the IBAN. However, if this is not specified in the transactions and cannot be calculated from the available information, allocation is only possible via alternative identifiers specified here. Identifiers usually consist of a combination of account number, bank code, BIC and currency of the account.

List of possible identifiers of a bank account

konfipay then checks incoming transaction files for content overlaps with the identifiers defined here if the IBAN is missing and assigns the transaction files to an account accordingly.

If the account appears in an account list retrieved via EBICS, some default identifiers are automatically generated by konfipay. If required, these can be edited at any time.

The identifiers can be set for a selected bank account via the menu item Identifiers.

Accessing the identifiers

Add test account

If required, some test accounts are provided by konfipay and can be activated or deactivated for a client. This is done in the overview via Add and Add test account.

These accounts generate regular transactions for testing purposes and can also be used to test payment submission. However, the submitted payments are not executed.

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