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Submit payments

Under "Submit payments", you can transfer payment and direct debit files that you have manually created to the bank.

Selection of files

In the upper table, you will find a collector item for each payment type and each client. Select the collector item for which you want to transfer files. You will then find the individual payments from the collector item listed in the lower table.

If you have selected one or more collector items above, you can select the individual payments you wish to transfer below. Then click on Submit in the toolbar of the lower table to initiate the transfer.

If you click on Submit in the lower table without selecting a single payment in the lower table, all files from the lower table are transferred at once.

Configure payment transfer

After you have selected the payments to be transferred and clicked on Submit, you can configure a few more details for the transfer in the transfer window:

Individual or batch booking

In the bottom left using Booking as... you can specify whether the payments are to be transferred individually or as a batch booking. Batch bookings appear bundled as one item on the account statement, the individual payments are not shown. By default, payments are transferred as a batch booking.

Skip preliminary check

By default, konfipay carries out a preliminary check before transferring payment files to ensure that there are no functional or technical problems with the files. This check can be skipped by checking the box in the bottom left-hand corner next to Skip precheck.

This can speed up the transfer of large amounts of data, but it can also lead to processing errors - skipping the preliminary check is therefore not recommended.

Execute transfer

Once you have made all the settings, you can transfer the payments to the bank by clicking on Transfer payments.

Alternatively, you can also create an output file instead of transferring it to the bank. To do this, click on the arrow next to Transfer payments and select Create output files. In the process, konfipay creates a payment file as it would be sent to the bank - you can then download this file and save it locally on your PC.

No files are transferred to the bank if an output file is created.

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