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General information

In this area, all payment files which were transferred to konfipay via API, imported manually or entered manually, are displayed. For each file type (SEPA, AZV or cash card files) there is a separate subpage, whereby ISO 20022 transfers are also listed under the SEPA files.

In the default view, only the accepted payments are displayed. In order to view the history of rejected payments including the reason for the rejection, the view can be changed in the filter bar.

Example view of SEPA payments with date filter (1), account filter (2), status filter (3),
and additional options (4)

Detail view

Provided that a user has the necessary permissions, the payment details can also be accessed. This can be done via the three dots on the right side of the screen. There is also the possibility to export a payment receipt as a PDF document or to view the original transferred payment file.

Detail view with export function (1) and access to the original payment file (2)


In the payment details under the tab Overview, the exact status and further information can be viewed. Information about the file origin, file type, transfer type and order type is available.

Individual payments

The tab Individual payments breaks down a payment file with multiple payments into its individual parts. Each individual payment is then shown separately with information on the individual recipients, amounts and references.

If certain content restrictions have been applied to a user via the permissions, it may be that the individual payments cannot be displayed. This applies, for example, to SALA payments if a content restriction has been set up for a user.

History and signatures

Under the tab History and signatures, the EBICS history, as well as the status of the electronic signatures and the associated EBICS participants can be viewed.

The electronic signature history provides information about which EBICS participant provided the electronic signature required for approval.

The EBICS history documents the path of the payment via EBICS; the individual transmission steps can be traced and the return codes are read out.

Sample view of signatures and EBICS history


The tab Protocols allows access to the technical EBICS log files created in the course of the payment transmission. These can be read out or downloaded for technical analysis if required.

The tabs History and signatures and Protocols are only available if the file used its own EBICS contact for the transfer. When transmitting via SRZ, these details are not available.

Delete payments

Payments can be deleted in confipay only if they have been saved, but not yet transferred to the bank. Once a payment has been transferred to the bank, the bank must be contacted directly to stop an execution.

For saved payments that have not been transferred, the option Delete appears among the further options (three dots on the right side of the screen).


It is displayed under the appropriate menu item depending on the file type, so there are different links and navigation paths depending on the payment type.

File type


SEPA files (incl. ISO 20022 transfers)

Direct link: konfipay (DE) | konfipay (CH)

Navigation path: Payments > SEPA files

Quick navigation: SEPA Zahlungen

AZV files

Direct link: konfipay (DE) | konfipay (CH)

Navigation path: Payment transactions > AZV files

Quick navigation: AZV Zahlungen

BZAHL files

Direct link: konfipay (DE) | konfipay (CH)

Navigation path: Payments > BZAHL files

Quick navigation: Geldkartendateien

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