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When setting up bank accounts or using konfipay in general, you may come across the terms "EBICS" and "SRZ". These terms refer to two different ways in which konfipay can communicate with the bank for a specific bank account.

Connection via EBICS

EBICS is a technical standard for bank communication that konfipay can use to send payments to the bank or retrieve transaction files for a bank account.

The connection of an account via EBICS requires that your konfipay client has its own EBICS contact via which the account can be connected. For a Postbank account, you therefore need a Postbank EBICS contact that has been approved by the bank for the corresponding account.

If the EBICS contact exists and is set up, then konfipay sends and receives payments and sales files via this EBICS contact, if it is selected as the preferred contact.

Connection via SRZ

If you do not have an EBICS contact for the account, the account is linked to the bank's server center via an SRZ connection. SRZ stands for service data center, which means that konfipay then serves as a service data center and uses the in-house connection directly from windata to the bank - that way, you do not have to set up your own EBICS contact.

To use accounts via an SRZ connection, however, it is necessary for you as the customer to fill out the SRZ participation agreement and send it to your bank so that the bank can approve the account for the SRZ procedure. The participation agreement can be downloaded as a PDF form for each account by selecting the desired account in the account list and then clicking on Participation agreement click.

This article describes in detail how to set up an account via SRZ. Here you will find a list of the credit institutions already connected to konfipay via SRZ. (In principle, however, konfipay supports every EBICS-capable credit institution with a few exceptions. We will be happy to check on request whether we also support your institution).

Available order types with EBICS/SRZ

If you use your own EBICS contact, all EBICS order types are generally available for retrieval and transmission with your bank. (For some special order types, you may have to set these up yourself in konfipay).

If you connect an account to the bank via SRZ, the number of available EBICS order types is limited. Only regular SEPA credit transfers, SEPA core direct debits and SEPA B2B direct debits are available for transmission via SRZ. Only regular account transactions and interim transaction statements are available for retrieval via SRZ.

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