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konfipay sync (EN)


General information

konfipay sync is a product that enables an uncomplicated integration of an ERP system with the konfipay API. It is an application that runs locally on the customer ERP system and establishes fully automated communication between an ERP system and the konfipay API.

The API interface is the same that is used by ERP systems with already integrated konfipay interface:

Role of konfipay sync in communicating with the konfipay API

With konfipay sync, payments from a local source folder can be submitted via the konfipay API. At the same time, sales can be downloaded from konfipay to a local folder using the API. These activities can also be automated with konfipay sync.

konfipay sync is available as a free trial for 30 days after the first API access. After that, it can be purchased in addition to konfipay.


konfipay sync offers the possibility to optimize payment processes and to integrate any ERP system with the konfipay API within a very short time without any development effort. In addition, konfipay sync offers the following advantages:

  • Security despite media change: The access to payment files by users is not possible. Therefore, there is also no possibility to change payment files.

  • High degree of automation despite media change: konfipay sync is executed fully automatically as a Windows service.


To download konfipay sync and install it locally, follow the link on the konfipay sync page. Open the installer and follow the steps to install it.

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