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Enabling EBICS fetching of miscellaneous files

In addition to retrieving transactions and transferring payments, an EBICS contact can also be used to retrieve various files from the bank, such as account statements, guarantees or letters of credit. Under certain circumstances, you must manually set up the retrieval of various files in konfipay.

However, the following should be assured beforehand:

  • The EBICS contact must be configured for automatic retrieval if the various files are to be retrieved automatically

  • Various files cannot be retrieved if this has not been agreed with the credit institution

  • Even if an agreement exists, confirmation of the activation of the desired order type must be obtained

  • konfipay cannot retrieve anything if nothing is provided by your bank

Determining available order types

First check whether the order type you want to retrieve with your EBICS contact is actually available. To do this, first go to the overview of your EBICS contacts - click on Master data and then to EBICS in the navigation bar on the left.

Select the EBICS contact in the list for which you want to view the available order types. Then click at the top of the toolbar on Order types.

Then select the “Available” tab and filter for the desired order type using the search mask. If you cannot find the order type here, it is not provided by your bank. In this case, please contact your bank to have the order type activated. The search in the available order types is shown here using the example "BKA":

Setting up available order type for fetching

If you have found the desired order type under Available, you can set this order type up for retrieval so that this order type is also retrieved automatically in the future, whenever EBICS data is retrieved.

To do this, select the tab Download (Misc) and click on Add in the toolbar. Select the desired order type, e.g. BKA, from the drop-down list. Specify the file format in which your bank provides this order type. Account statements, for example, are often PDF files - if you are unsure, please contact your bank.

The file format set up is then displayed in the Download (Misc) tab. Given the correct configuration, the retrieval takes place at certain intervals automatically. If various files are retrieved during a retrieval, you can view them under Miscellaneous files and then Downloaded miscellaneous files and download them to your PC.

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