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General information

All registered users of a client can be viewed and managed here. In addition, the activity log can be called up here, guest users can be invited and new users can be created.

The user overview contains more detailed information about each user.

User overview


The status indicates whether a user can be used for login. It can be active or inactive - inactive users can be unlocked again by the client's admin.


This is an information about the main client of the user. Clients in which the user is a guest are not displayed here.

Two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication menu item can be used to enforce this setting for all users of the client. When creating new users, a second factor must be selected. For already existing users who do not yet use a second factor, a changeover to two-factor authentication via e-mail takes place. Users who log in via a third party provider are not affected by this setting. In this case, it is recommended to activate the multi-factor authentication offered by the respective third-party provider.

User groups

All user groups of a user are listed in this column. A normal user can belong to one or more user groups.

The administrator of a client cannot be added to any user group, because he always has all rights due to his role!


The selected authentication setting of the corresponding user is listed here.

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