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Version 3.6.3 (EN)

Released 14.05.2022

Notes about this version

In this version of konfipay, the new API version 5.0 is introduced. In addition, with this update, adjustments are made to the address in the bank accounts area.


  • API version 5.0: The konfipay API has been updated to version 5.0. More information about new features and changes in this version are listed in the corresponding article.

  • New payment formats (AT) as of 08 June: In the course of the upcoming change in Austrian payment formats (pain.001 and pain.008), konfipay will check incoming payment files in Austrian formats against the updated schemes as of 08 June.

  • Force two-factor authentication: In the user area, two-factor authentication can be forced for all users of a client in the future. The definition of this setting is reserved for users with admin rights. When creating new users, the type of the second factor must be specified. Existing users are switched to email as the second factor. Users who authenticate via a third-party provider are not affected by this setting.

  • New API setting - creating offline accounts: A new API setting has been added to make the creation of offline accounts controllable via the API. If the setting is active, the creation of offline accounts will be allowed. If the setting is disabled, the creation of offline accounts via the API will be denied. Offline accounts are neither linked to an EBICS access nor connected to a service data center, so that no online action is possible.


  • Address and creditor ID at client level: The address and creditor ID at the client level will be removed without replacement. This is done in connection with the more precise specification of the account holder's address at bank account level (see below). In the future, address and creditor ID must be maintained individually for each bank account. Related to this, some permissions for client management have been updated.

The address is no obligatory specification and is only required for the manual entry of payments via the konfipay portal. The address is not required for the payment processing and transaction retrieval processes via the API.

  • Adjustment of permissions for client management: Due to the omission of the address and creditor ID at client level, the authorizations are Show client and Edit client have become obsolete and have been removed. Furthermore the function Lock client is now only available for the administrator of a client.

  • Division of the address field for bank accounts: In the course of adaptation to the ISO 20022 standard, the address field for bank accounts is split into the individual components of the address: Street, house number, P.O. Box, postal code, city, country.

The previously stored addresses for bank accounts are still available in konfipay's database, but will neither be used nor displayed. The final deletion of the address data takes place as of 01.06.2022.

The effects of splitting the address field on the API can be seen in the API version 5 documentation.

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