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Version 3.6.0 (EN)

Published: 14.01.2021

Notes about this version

In this version, optimizations have been made in the area of automation. It is now possible to define individually for each client when and at what interval konfipay performs automated tasks, such as the retrieval of account transactions.

New functions

  • Automation: Using the new automation function, the intervals and times for automating tasks can be set individually. In addition, it is possible to execute tasks immediately regardless of the specified interval or to deactivate a task entirely.

The User groups have been extended by the authorization to access the automation. It may be necessary to adjust already created user groups to take the new authorization into account.

With the individualization of automation, some of the previous intervals have been adjusted. Example: The retrieval of the EBICS customer log was not possible until version 3.5.3. every 15 minutes has been carried out. With this update the interval was changed to every 2 hours modified.
If necessary, the original interval can be restored.

  • API setting - conversion of payment order files to country-specific formats: Via a new API setting, SEPA payment orders in pain format can be converted into the equivalent format of another country. This makes it possible to execute payment orders across countries without providing the payment order file in the country-specific format. For the conversion, the country stored for the respective EBICS contact (2-digit ISO country code) is decisive. The conversion is possible for the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Retrieve account transactionsThe function for retrieving account transactions has been moved to a separate menu item and expanded with new options. It is now possible to select individual contacts for the sales call or to perform a historical call instead of a regular sales call in order to call up account sales for a specific date.

Account transactions are historically only made available by the respective EBICS data centers for a limited period of time. Depending on the data center, this is usually between 2 and 4 weeks. Turnovers which are already available in konfipay will be processed via a Duplicate check sorted out and not saved.

Until update 3.5.3, the possibility to perform a historical retrieval of account transactions was available via the function of the EBICS retrieval orders given. This function is obsolete and was removed with update 3.6.0.

Bug fixes

Fixed an error that caused the number of transactions for MT940 files to be displayed incorrectly in all cases.

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