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Import (EN)


General information

The konfipay application offers the possibility to to import payment and transaction files manually. An import can be performed with a single file as well as with many files at once.

After successful import, a corresponding success message is returned by konfipay. If the import was not successful, konfipay returns feedback on the reason for the error. After successful import, the file can be found under the corresponding menu item.

Manually imported payment files are transferred directly to the bank without further confirmation by the user!

Possible file types for import

The import can be performed with different payment file types as well as turnover file types. This option exists for all file types that can also be sent or retrieved to konfipay via API. In general, all file types can be imported for which there is a menu item:

Possible use cases for the import function

Transactions from previously used software

The import function lends itself to importing transactions from a previously used software, in order to be able to access the complete history in konfipay. For this purpose, the transaction files have to be exported from the previously used software and imported into konfipay as a bulk import, as described above.

External files

Also, payment files that are generated in an external ERP system can be imported here and transferred to the bank. Additionally, transaction files that have been manually downloaded from a banking system can be uploaded manually into konfipay.

Resubmit payments

Using the import function, payments can also be be resubmitted, if for example the transfer from konfipay to the bank has failed. To do this, the failed payment must first be identified under the menu item Payment transactions, then downloaded and then reimported to retry the transfer to the bank.

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