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API Version 5 (EN)

Released: 14.05.2022

This article describes the innovations and changes in API version 5 compared to the previous API version 4

A new version is introduced when a change causes backward compatibility of the API no longer ensured can be used. Before switching to this API version, please check whether the changes have an impact on your system and make the necessary adjustments by.

New API endpoints

API version 5.0 introduces new API endpoints. The following endpoints have been added or extended with new functionalities:

New/extended API endpoints

Brief description

API documentation


This endpoint now also allows the management of other clients, i.e. among other things the creation, editing or deletion of clients.

The use of the new API endpoints for the creation and administration of other clients is only possible for integration partners of windata GmbH & Co. KG in advance. For the use, a prior activation of your client is required. For further information, please contact the windata customer service.

konfipay api documentation - Account


This new endpoint makes user management within a client possible via API. From creation to data modification to the invitation of users, most of the functions are now available that are also available in the konfipay web interface.

konfipay api documentation - User


This new endpoint allows retrieving the existing user groups and their members. The permissions of the user groups are not covered in the current scope of the API (neither read nor write).

konfipay api documentation - UserGroup

Existing API keys have does not have the permissions for the new API endpoints. These must be defined for each Key activated first be

Adjustments for account holder and address of bank accounts

From this version on, the information about the account holder of a bank account is stored in a new sub-element accountHolder displayed. This includes the name (Element: name)of the account holder, the creditor ID (element: creditorId) and the address (element: postalAddress). As part of the alignment with the ISO 20022 standard, the address was also divided into its components:

  • Street (Element: street)

  • House number (element: buildingNumber)

  • Postal code (element: postCode)

  • Place (Element: town)

  • Country (Element: country)


API version 4

API version 5

"iban": "DE12345678901234567890",
"description": "Description1",
"creditorId": "DE98ZZZ09999999999",
"accountHolderName": "Alice Mayer",
"postalAddress": "Example street 1, 12345 Somewhere",
"additionalInformation": "Additional information 1"
  "iban": "DE12345678901234567890",
  "description": "Description1",
  "additionalInformation": "Additional information 1",
  "accountHolder": {
    "name": "Alice Mayer",
    "creditorId": "DE98ZZZ09999999999",
    "postalAddress": {
      "street": "Examplestreet1",
      "buildingNumber": "12",
      "postCode": "12345",
      "town": "ExampleTown1",
      "country": "DE"

All addresses currently stored in konfipay for account holders will be transferred via API no longer shown. This change also applies retroactively to API versions 2.0 to 4.0.

The element used for API versions 2.0 and 4.0.postalAddress is ignored in [POST] and [PUT] requests, the specified address is not stored. In the response messages the field is also no longer returned.

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