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Activity log


General information

The activity log records all activities of a user within a client, at which data has been changed. This serves to ensure traceability and transparency when data is changed. Read accesses are not recorded in the activity log.

Entries in the activity log contain the following information:

  • Activity performed

  • Time of activity

  • Executing user

Activity log entries


The activity log records each data-modifying activity of a user. The prerequisite for this is that he is authenticated and thus known to the system. The log only includes entries and changes that are made using the user interface. API accesses are thus not recorded in the activity log, but instead in the API communication.

Activities that are prevented by the permissions system of konfipay are also not recorded in the activity log, because in this case there is no change of data.

konfipay offers the possibility to search for specific entries in the activity log. For this purpose, you can filter by the time period, the user or the activity.

Guest users and former users

In order to be able to ensure the traceability of data-changing processes, activities remain recorded in the log even over the lifetime of a user. If a user account is deleted, the actions performed remain recorded in the log.

The same applies to users who were members of a client as guest users at the time an activity was performed, and who have subsequently left the client. Former users and guest users are identified accordingly in the log.

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