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Preview FAQ (EN)

Why are we doing a preview?

The preview version gives you the time and opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new interface and get to know the new possibilities and functions.

During the preview phase, you can switch between the current and the upcoming version as required until you feel confident in using the new user interface.

You also have the opportunity to provide feedback if you particularly like a function or view, if you have a suggestion for improvement or if you miss a function.

How long is the preview phase?

The preview version will be available at least until 01.01.2024.

During this period, you can use both versions in parallel and provide feedback on the new version. Depending on the quality and scope of the feedback, the duration of the preview will be extended. The actual end of the preview phase will be announced at least two weeks in advance. At the end of the preview phase, the new version goes live and replaces the current user interface.

Can I use both konfipay versions in parallel?

Both the current and the preview version access the same database. You can switch between the current and the new interface at any time without losing data or having to enter it twice.

Does the new version affect the API interfaces?

The new version only offers a new user interface. The API interfaces remain unchanged. Even after the end of the preview phase, when the current version is replaced by the new version, the API remains unchanged so that current implementations and workflows continue to function as usual.

How can I give feedback on the new version?

If you would like to help us with the development, you can provide feedback on the new version at any time. You can use the feedback function in the top menu bar of the new interface or send an e-mail to

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