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Importing and exporting EBICS contacts

You can export an EBICS contact that has been set up and import it again in another client, saving you from doing the setup process multiple times.

The import and export of EBICS contacts often also works across the windata product range - i.e. if you use EBICS contacts already set up in other windata products such as windata professional or VEU-Portal, you can also import them into konfipay, if necessary.

Importing EBICS contact

To import a previously set-up EBICS contact into your konfipay client, click on Import. You can import EBICS contacts from other konfipay clients or e.g. from windata professional, windata as a service or the VEU portal. To do so, you need the transport password and the EBICS password of the contact.

First click on Select files and select the contact file saved on your computer. Assign a name for the EBICS contact to be imported and enter the transport password and the EBICS password. Also specify the actions for which the EBICS contact is to be set up - you can change this later, if necessary.

Exporting EBICS contact

EBICS contacts are sensitive files that must be protected against unauthorized access. Anyone who has the contact file and the export passwords may be able to send unauthorized payments via EBICS!

To export an EBICS contact, select the EBICS contact in the list and click on Export. Assign a transport password and an EBICS password - both passwords are required to import and use the contact in another client.

Please note that an EBICS contact exported from konfipay cannot be imported into the VEU portal if an EBICS contact has already been created there for the same user. For the import into windata professional and windata as a Service, a new EBICS participant has to be created in order to import the EBICS contact.

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