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Version 4.1.0 (EN)

Planned publication: 17.04.2024

Notes on this version

In this version, the management of EBICS keys and EBICS passwords has been revised. In addition, a new option has been introduced for API keys, which enables the acknowledgement status to be separated for each API key.


  • Acknowledgement per API key: The status of the confirmation of a file (e.g. an account transaction file or a PayPal transaction) is linked to the file. The information as to whether a file has already been retrieved was therefore identical for all client applications that access this file via the API. If the retrieval of a file was acknowledged by a client application, this acknowledgement was also valid for all other applications, even though they had not yet retrieved the file.
    To simplify the use of multiple client applications, a new option has been introduced in the API key area in this version. This makes it possible to maintain a separate acknowledgement status for new or existing API keys. This means that the status is no longer linked to the file, but to the API key used, so that different client applications do not affect each other if they use different API keys.

  • Revised management of EBICS keys and EBICS passwords: New options for managing EBICS keys have been added. These can now be created manually and assigned to EBICS contacts. Optionally, EBICS keys can be assigned to individual users. In addition, the entry of the EBICS key password can now be enforced for the transmission of payment orders via the user interface and the retrieval of account transaction information.

As of this version, EBICS contacts initialized in konfipay can no longer be imported into the VEU portal. For technical reasons, compatibility can no longer be guaranteed. In the other direction, it is still possible to import EBICS contacts that have been initialized in the VEU portal to konfipay.

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