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Version 3.6.5 (EN)

Released: 07.10.2022

Notes about this version

In this version, support for accounts with the same IBAN and different currencies has been added. In addition, the control of uploading files to bank data centers has been revised.


  • Upload control: A new function has been added via which the access used to transfer a file to the bank data centre (EBICS or service data centre) can be specified. Previously, the bank access used for the transfer was determined automatically.

For all existing accounts, the previous transfer paths were adopted unchanged in the new system - there is no need for action here after the update to version 3.6.5.


  • Bank accounts with multiple currencies: Until now, bank accounts with transactions and balances in multiple currencies were only supported to a limited extent. Starting from this version, a separate account is kept for each currency. In the account transactions, these are shown separately and for the respective account, only the turnovers with the corresponding currency are displayed.


With this version, some basic, technical optimizations have been made, the effects of which are not immediately noticeable to the user and do not result in any visual changes.

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