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Version 3.4.1 (EN)

Published: 25.08.2021

Notes on this version

This version introduces a new API endpoint for uploading any files supported by the EBICS protocol. The menu item Account Transactions > Miscellaneous receives its own menu item with differentiation between submitted files (upload) and retrieved files (download). A new sender address is used for automated emails.


New Features

  • API endpoint for miscellaneous banking files: Via a new API endpoint, any bank-specific files supported by the EBICS procedure can now be submitted for transmission to a bank data center. The following file types are supported: Xml, Json, Csv, Pdf, Zip.

  • Short text and description for EBICS Return Codes: For better understandability, a short text and a description have been added to the EBICS Return Codes in the area of EBICS communication protocols. In addition, the speed of calling the communication protocols has been improved.

Short text and description for EBICS Return Codes

  • New address for automated e-mails: All automatically created e-mails now have the sender

  • New menu item 'Miscellaneous files': The miscellaneous files have been moved to their own menu item (previously under 'Account Transactions > Miscellaneous'). Transferred files (upload) and retrieved files (download) can each be accessed in their own menu item.

New menu item 'Miscellaneous files'

Bug fixes

  • An incorrect link in the 'Client' menu item to the profile of the logged-in user has been fixed

  • When creating a foreign trade payment, a missing check of the debit account number and the charge debit account number was added

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