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Version 3.4.0 (EN)

Published: 24.07.2021

Notes on this version

This version introduces API-Version 4 (EN). In the EBICS area, the introduction and evaluation of the EBICS order types CRZ, CDZ, CIZ and XMF takes place. These enable the retrieval of further logs which contain more detailed information on the bank processing status of payment order files. EBICS contacts are extended by a country code.


New Features

  • API version 4: This version introduces API version 4. Before switching to the latest API version, it is recommended to check whether and which technical adjustments are necessary. All changes for API version 4 are described in the corresponding documentation.

If there is no active switch to a new API version, no technical adjustments are required on the client side. No changes are made for existing API versions.

  • Support of order types CRZ, CDZ, CIZ and XMF: The update of the processing status of a payment order file has so far been based on the feedback in the EBICS customer log (order type: HAC). However, the informative value of the EBICS customer log is limited to the steps defined in the EBICS procedure. A successful submission of a payment order file via the EBICS procedure, however, does not guarantee the execution of the payment. To close this gap, konfipay supports the order types CRZ, CDZ, CIZ and XMF from this version on. These protocols in pain.002 format (XML) contain detailed information about the execution status of a file on the bank side. In this context, the new status value "FIN_CONFIRMED" is introduced for payment order files. The status "FIN_ACCEPTED" is now no longer to be considered as final status. For more information, see the changes for API version 4.

The order types Z01, CRZ, CDZ, CIZ and XML are optional and are not supported by every EBICS server. They must also be configured and released for the respective EBICS access by the bank. If these requirements are not met, FIN_ACCEPTED remains as the last possible positive status of a payment order file.

In the notifications for the "Payment status has been updated" event, a new option is available to be informed about the "FIN_CONFIRMED" status. The new option "Execution confirmed by bank" must be explicitly activated for existing rules if required.

Support of order types CRZ and CDZ

  • API setting - XML declaration in banking XML files: This version introduces a new API setting. If this is active, banking XML files (e.g. files in camt or pain format) are returned including the XML declaration <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>. If disabled, the XML declaration is omitted. Some applications require the XML declaration as part of the document to process XML files.

  • Retrieval of transaction reports: The retrieval of booked transaction reports, interim transaction reports and batched transactions reports can now be started manually if required. The respective option for this is offered in the area of the account transactions and the EBICS contacts.

Conditions and restrictions

  • The EBICS contact must be fully initialized

  • Fetching across all EBICS contacts only takes into account contacts that are configured for fetching

  • The retrieval is limited to EBICS contacts. The retrieval of transactions via service data centers cannot be triggered manually

Manual start of the retrieval in the account turnover area

  • Country code for EBICS contacts: In the master data area, a two-digit ISO country code has been added to the EBICS contacts. This allows country-specific formats and standards to be taken into account during checks and file conversions.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that caused the email with the information about the changed status of a payment order file to be sent twice.

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