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Version 3.3.0 (EN)

Published: 26.06.2021

Notes on this version

The focus of this version lies in the introduction of quality-of-life improvements. The aim is to increase productivity and expand the application scenarios for konfipay. Further details can be found in the contents of the update.


New Features

  • Clients: This version introduces clients. These allow a user to manage several databases.

  • User profile: User data, authorizations and authentication information can now be managed centrally via a user profile.

  • Quick navigation: The new quick navigation allows one to navigate all functions of konfipay without having to jump through menu structures.

  • Activity log: This version introduces the activity log. This records all data changing activities of a user.

  • Charging scheme for ISO 20022 payments: For ISO 20022 payments it is now possible to define the charging scheme when creating a payment.

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Determination of the charging scheme

New permissions: With this version, new items are added to the authorizations in the user group area.

ISO20022 and SEPA payments → show

Foreign trade payments → show

User accounts → show

User groups → show

API → Display keys

API → Add/Edit Keys

API → Display settings

API → Edit settings

API → Show communication

API → Show communication details

Deletion periods → show

Deletion periods → edit

Notifications → show

Notifications → Add/Edit

Notifications → delete

Client → show

Client → edit

Bank Accounts → Show Account Balance

It is recommended to check whether adjustments are necessary for user groups that have been created in beforehand.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that caused a delay in determining the account balance for newly created bank accounts.


Within the scope of this update, there is a general changeover to immediate payment transmission. Payments that were previously transferred to the bank data center in an interval of 15 minutes will now be transferred without delay. For customer accounts where this option was already active, this change has no effect.

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