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User groups


General information

User groups determine which permissions the members of this group have in their corresponding client. For easier administration, there are four predefined user groups in konfipay: Full Access, Administration, User, and Guest. These default groups cannot be edited or deleted. There is also one user per client who acts as an admin.

Standard group


Full access

Has all available permissions and is de facto equal to the admin


Has only administrative client and account management privileges and has no access to payment functions


Has permissions only for banking functions and cannot make administrative changes


Has restricted permissions for banking functions

The administrator of a client can not be added to any user group, as he cannot be restricted in his rights due to his role.

Create a user group

You can create as many additional user groups as you like and define the permissions individually if the requirements are not covered by the existing standard groups. This can be done in the overview in the upper right corner using Add. Alternatively, this direct link be used.

Name and description

Each user group requires in the first step a individual name. The name of a user group must be unique within a client. Additionally, you can create a description to better classify which group of people should belong to this user group.

Naming and description of the user group


In the next step, you can select users from a list and add them to the user group. Users can belong to any number of user groups, and the permissions or restrictions are additive (see permissions).


The way the permissions work is documented separately here.

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