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Upload settings

General information

The upload settings of a bank account determine the type of access (EBICS or service data center) and over which contact a payment is transferred to the bank.

The upload settings can be accessed via the drop-down menu of the respective bank account.

Acessing the upload settings

The setting can be set to Automatic or Manual; for newly created accounts, the setting is Automatic by default.

Upload settings with the Automatic setting

It is recommended to leave the Automatic setting in place. If possible, the transmission path should only be adjusted in consultation with a windata customer advisor. An incorrect setting can result in files not being transferred at all or being transferred to the wrong data centre.


The recommended default setting for specifying the transmission path is Automatic. With this setting, both the correct Additions as well as the correct Contacts determined by konfipay and set for the account. In addition, konfipay reacts dynamically to changes in this setting.


In certain cases, it may be necessary to override the automatic setting and set the transmission path setting manually. The setting to Manual causes konfipay to neither check nor overwrite the specified settings.

Preferred transmission path

The preferred transmission path specifies the access via which a file is primarily to be transmitted. If a transfer via the preferred transmission path is not possible, the transfer via the non-preferred transfer path is automatically carried out, provided that a contact is selected for this.

Incorrect configurations are automatically corrected by konfipay if possible. If e.g. EBICS is selected as the preferred transmission path without an EBICS contact being specified, a transfer of files via the SRZ contact (if specified) will be performed automatically. The user will be notified about an incorrect configuration accordingly.

Warning in case of incorrect configuration

The same applies if, for example, the EBICS access selected for transmission, is not configured for the transmission of payments.

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