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Show account transactions


General information

After successful retrieval, the booked transactions for all accounts of the client appear here. Intraday reports and batch bookings are shown in separate menu items. To display the transactions for a specific account, this account must first be selected in the account list. Test accounts can be temporarily removed from the list via Hide test accounts for a better overview.

The transactions can then be displayed either in the file view or in the transaction view.

Account list with option to hide test accounts (1) and selection of transaction display (2).

File view

In the file view, the individual transaction files are listed in the form in which they were provided by the bank. A transaction file can also contain several transactions. It is possible to limit the selection by the period or file type.

A single transaction file can - provided the user has the corresponding permissions - be displayed and downloaded. In addition, the individual transactions from a file can be displayed.

A transaction file can also be marked manually as retrieved or as new. Transactions marked as new are delivered to external systems via the API during automatic retrieval - transactions that have already been retrieved, will not be delivered.

File view with date filter (1), file type filter (2), and options for viewing the file (3)

Transaction view

Here the transaction files are displayed as individual transactions. Additions and subtractions are shown in separate columns since Version 3.6.2.

Transaction view with date filter (1) and file type filter (2)

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