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Set up retrieval of miscellaneous files


General information

In addition to retrieving turnover and transferring payments, an EBICS contact can also retrieve various files such as printed account statements, payment advice notes, letters of credit, etc.

The following should be noted in preparation:

  • No retrieval of various files can take place unless this is agreed with the credit institution.

  • Even if there is an agreement, confirmation of the activation of the desired order type must be obtained.

  • konfipay cannot retrieve anything if nothing is available on the bank side.

Determine the available order types

To determine whether, for example, the order type BKA for an EBICS contact is available, proceed as follows:

Navigation to the overview of available order types

The navigation takes place on the left in the menu bar via Master data > EBICS contacts, and then at the end of the corresponding line of the corresponding EBICS contact via the three dots. Here must Order types be selected.

The Available tab can be used to verify whether the bank actually provides the desired order type.

Example search for order type BKA

Then the desired order type can be located via the search field. If this is found, it can be defined as for retrieval. If it is not found, it may be helpful to click once in the right-hand area of the screen on the Refresh and search again. If the order type is still not displayed, the bank must be contacted for activation of said order type.

Activation of an available order type for retrieval

The order type released by the credit institution can be specified in konfipay in the tab Retrieval (Various).

First, the desired order type must be selected in the left drop-down menu (in this example BKA - electr. account statement). Then the retrieval format (PDF) is selected in the right drop-down menu. Finally, the activation is completed with Save.

Setting up an order type for retrieval

The new call-off is now displayed in the subsequent list. The retrieval takes place automatically as part of the konfipay-Automation.

By clicking on the recycle bin, the retrieval entry can be deleted again if required.

Set up retrieval of various files and possibility of deletion

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