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Set up a bank account via SRZ

General information

In konfipay there, are different connection types for bank accounts. These are discussed in more detail here. This article explains step by step how to set up an account via SRZ (using the windata Servicerechenzentrum). A list of credit institutions already connected to konfipay via SRZ is available here.

In principle, with a few exceptions, konfipay supports every bank running EBICS for the connection via SRZ. We will be happy to check on request whether we can also support your credit institute. Please inform us about this under

Creation of the account

Manual account creation can be found in the "Master data > Bank accounts" menu. After clicking on the buttons Add and Bank account, in the next step, the bank details are requested.

Anlage eines Bankkontos

Bank account creation

Bank account creation II

The IBAN and a name for the account are required fields. If possible, konfipay completes the account number, bank code and BIC independently. Furthermore, the address and, if applicable, the creditor ID can be entered. Address information is divided into separate fields according to the ISO 20022 standard.

After clicking on Save and the successful creation, SRZ is automatically stored as the connection type.

If the account is already approved for SRZ, it may take a few minutes until the correct SRZ connection status (black) is displayed, provided that the credit institution has already provided the first transactions for konfipay to retrieve and these have already been picked up by konfipay.

The status "orange" means that no transactions have yet been delivered by the bank for this account or that no payment has yet been successfully transmitted to the bank. However, if one of these two criteria is met, konfipay assumes a successful activation and the status changes to "black".

SRZ status orange, if there is no SRZ activity yet.

SRZ participation agreement

In order to be able to use the account via SRZ, the SRZ participation agreement has to be filled out and signed and submitted to the respective bank. Thereupon, the bank can provide the windata data centre with the transaction information in the desired format (MT940 → *.STA or camt.053 → *.xml) for retrieval. Likewise, the bank will, if instructed, accept payments from the windata data centre and provide them for payment release.

A form for the participation agreement for the respective account can be found under the three dots on the right side of the screen.

Download the participation agreement

The document must then be populated with information about the account in question and be signed by the account holder or an authorized person. The form for the SRZ participation agreement may look different depending on the bank and may require slightly differing information.

The completed and signed participation agreement must then be sent to the bank (not to windata), so that the bank can issue the necessary approvals.

windata cannot make any statements about the processing time of the agreement, as this varies from bank to bank. In case of inquiries, the credit institute has to be contacted directly.

SRZ participation agreement for Commerzbank (may differ depending on the bank)

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