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Retrieve account transactions


General information

On this page, the transaction file retrieval can be triggered manually via EBICS. These tasks are carried out by konfipay automatically at specified intervals. First, one or more EBICS contacts must be selected for which transactions are to be retrieved.

When transactions are retrieved manually, konfipay retrieves all available transaction types, that is account transactions, intraday transactions and batch bookings.

Selecting the EBICS contact (1) and starting the retrieval (2)

The transaction retrieval is only possible via own, fully initialized EBICS contacts, which are set up for the transaction file retrieval. When using EBICS service data centers (SRZ), the retrieval cannot be executed manually, but is done automatically by konfipay.

EBICS contacts for which the retrieval has been deactivated, are displayed but cannot be selected. In order to be able to select these contacts, transaction retrieval has to be enabled in the EBICS contacts page for the specific contact.

Retrieval options

It can be specified which transaction file types are to be retrieved. To initiate the retrieval, the transaction type must be set first. Subsequently, you can choose between the retrieval of available and historical transaction files:

The option Available retrieves only those transactions that have not yet been retrieved via EBICS from the bank data center.

The option Historical calls all transactions from a fixed time period. In the process, transactions that have already been retrieved are also retrieved again. A historical retrieval can be used to obtain past data for newly established EBICS contacts or to close gaps in the account transaction statements. Transactions which already exist in konfipay are processed via a duplicate check, and if positive, sorted out and not saved.

Account transactions are historically only made available by the respective EBICS data centers for a limited period of time. This is - depending on the data center - usually between 2 and 4 weeks.

Configuration of the transaction file retrieval

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