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Possible error messages and causes


General information

Error messages are occasionally caused by an incorrect file setup or, more often, by missing bank-side authorizations. More rarely, connection failures or general transmission errors to the bank server are the cause. For this purpose, konfipay contains a sophisticated warning and notification system.

How are errors identified

konfipay has an error detection system that already checks the submitted payment file for formal errors and thus ensures that this file does not even reach the bank. A finely tuned duplicate check on the part of konfipay also avoids potential double submissions.

If the file is formally ok, however, in the second step the credit institution can still reject the file for various reasons. These reasons are usually transmitted and communicated by konfipay.

How are errors communicated and displayed

Immediately after login, the last 10 events are displayed. Already here error messages can be displayed in the column "Status".

If you have noticed that payment files have not been transferred, please switch to the item Payment transactions > SEPA files. To view rejected payments, use the date picker to select the period and click "Rejected" in the upper right corner.

The following overview shows all payment orders that were rejected by the bank.

Click on Details to learn more about the respective rejected order.

Communications from the credit institution are always authentic. Therefore, please consult your bank advisor.

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