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PayPal transactions


General information

Under this menu item, the transactions for the connected PayPal accounts will be displayed. First you need to select the account for which you want to show the transactions in the upper selection mask.

After an account is initially activated at PayPal, it can take a few hours until the transactions are provided for the first time. This can not be influenced by konfipay. As soon as transactions are provided, konfipay retrieves them automatically.

The list of transactions can be sorted by date or be filtered by keywords. In addition, individual transactions can be displayed in detail or downloaded.

Individual transactions can also be manually marked as retrieved or as new, respectively. Transactions marked as new are delivered to the external system via the API during automatic retrieval - transactions that are marked as retrieved, are not.

The timestamps of the individual transactions are converted to the German time zone by konfipay. In the tooltip you can see the original timestamp from PayPal, which is also returned via the API.

Transaction view for a PayPal account with date filter (1), search function (2), and other options (3)

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