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General information

konfipay offers the possibility to inform by e-mail about various events. This can be helpful, e.g. to be able to react quickly in case of payment rejections. The notification settings are always related to the client.

By default, two notifications are already set up: The admin of a client is informed by email about payment rejections at konfipay or at bank level.

Create a notification

Using Add in the upper right part of the window, a new notification rule is created. A unique name must be assigned to each notification rule.

Further, events for which a notification should be sent, have to be selected. The event Payment status was updated allows for a further, detailed selection. In addition, it is possible to activate the notifications only for certain bank accounts.

As Action the e-mail notification is available. The subject and any number of recipients of the notification can be defined.

Multiple e-mail addresses must be entered separated by semicolons.

Example: Creation of a notification rule

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