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konfipay customer advisor

If required, a permanent konfipay customer advisor can be assigned to your client. These are windata employees who take care of your client and are available in case of problems.

You can see whether you have a permanent konfipay customer advisor in your client's user list. The name is marked with the tag Customer Service:

Read-only rights of the customer advisor

The read-only rights of the konfipay customer advisor are shown in the following two lists for payment transactions and client management. These rights cannot be changed - either the client or the customer advisor.

Payment transactions

Bank accounts

  • Display


  • Show contacts

  • Manage order types

  • Display communication protocols

  • Show customer logs

ISO 20022 and SEPA payments

  • Display

Foreign trade payments

  • Display

Account turnover

  • Display sales (only information on sales files, no content)

  • Miscellaneous files

PayPal accounts

  • Display

PayPal transactions

  • Show transactions

Client management


  • Display


  • Display

  • Show group permissions

  • Show activity log

User groups

  • Display


  • Show settings

  • Show communication


Full access

Deletion periods

  • Display


  • Display

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