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Direct link: konfipay (DE) | konfipay (CH)

The help page can be opened at any time via (question) in the upper right part of the konfipay application.

General information

Through the help page, you can request support from a windata customer service agent or open a ticket. There are several options available to get the appropriate support depending on the situation and request.

If you cannot reach the help page, you also have the possibility to send an e-mail to directly to open a support ticket.

Help page overview

konfipay wiki (field 1)

This field contains direct links to the konfipay wiki and to the konfipay release history. There, you can find a collection of articles and tutorials about konfipay. We have addressed some frequently asked questions in our konfipay FAQ.

Access for customer advisors (field 2)

You can grant a customer advisor limited access to your client via an access code. The access code can be communicated to the client advisor by telephone or in writing (e.g. by e-mail). Each access code has a validity period of 24 hours. After this time, a new code will be generated. The access exists only within the scope of the support and will be withdrawn after the service has been provided.

Remote maintenance (field 3)

Download FastViewer starts the download of the FastViewer client. This client can be launched after completion of the download in order to start a remote session with a customer service agent. The download can be started at any time by pressing the F2 key.

API documentation (field 4)

Direct link to the documentation of the konfipay API.

Open support ticket (field 5)

In this field, you can directly open a support ticket to get in contact with us. In a ticket, you can describe your concern or issue, so that our customer service agents can support you as quickly and targeted as possible. To do this, we first need your consent to automatically create an account for you in our service desk environment:

Consent to data usage for the windata service desk

Once you have given this consent, you can select for which subject area you would like to create a ticket. The options Technical Support, Licensing and billing questions, Other questions, and Suggestion for improvement are available.

Once you have selected the appropriate category, fill out the ticket accordingly and send it off. It is important that you provide as much and precise information as possible, so that our windata customer service agents can find a solution as quickly as possible. Screenshots or error reports can also be provided as attachments.

Creation of a ticket for technical support

You can manage and monitor tickets that have already been created by logging into the windata Service Desk using the email address of your konfipay account.

General contact details (box 6)

General support or assistance with questions or problems can be requested using the general contact information. This is how you can reach us:

windata GmbH & Co. KG
Gegenbaurstraße 4
88239 Wangen im Allgäu
Tel.: +49 7522 9770 0

Your personal customer advisor (field 7)

If a permanent customer advisor is assigned to the client, this person is displayed on the help page. This person has limited (read-only) access to your client in order to actively accompany and monitor the onboarding process. Access can be revoked at any time using the "Remove from client" function.

You can find more information on this in the specially created konfipay wiki article.

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