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Deletion deadlines


General information

konfipay offers the option to delete stored data automatically according to deletion periods. This may be relevant, for example, to comply with internal deletion deadlines or data protection regulations such as GDPR regulation.

Deletion periods can be activated and specified for each file type individually. Here, the desired storage period must be defined, i.e. after which time the corresponding files are to be deleted, and the order itself must be activated. For transactions and PayPal transactions, there is also the option of only having files deleted that have already been retrieved via the API.

konfipay checks in a rhythm of 24 hours whether the defined deletion periods have been reached. If this is the case, the corresponding data is automatically deleted. If deletion periods are used, deletion reports can also be retrieved here for better traceability.

By default, konfipay does not delete data. All information such as payments and account transactions are stored permanently, unless otherwise defined!

Deletion period overview with report export (1), storage period selection (2), activation window (3) and deletion option for files retrieved from the API (4)

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