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Customer advisor

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The help page with information on the windata customer advisors can be accessed at any time via (question) in the upper right part of the konfipay application.

General information

It is possible to grant a windata employee restricted access to a client, e.g. in order to help with onboarding or technical questions. Depending on your needs, the following different options are available for this purpose. With both access methods, the customer advisor has the same limited rights, which are detailed below.

Temporary access for customer advisors

A windata employee can be granted temporary access to a client. This can be done via an access code, which can be communicated to the windata customer advisor by phone or in written form (e.g. via e-mail). The access code for a client can be found on the konfipay help page.

Each access code has a validity period of 60 minutes, during this time the client consultant can join the client. After this time a new code is generated. After the end of the support by the customer advisor, he can be removed via the user list or will remove himself from the client.

konfipay help page with customer advisor access code

Assignment of a permanent customer advisor

Upon request, a client can also have a permanent contact assigned. This assignment will be done by windata support after consultation. If a permanent contact person has been assigned, this person will be displayed in the lower area of the konfipay help page.

The assigned windata customer consultant has limited read access to a client, e.g. to actively accompany and monitor an onboarding process. Access for a permantent client advisor can be disabled via the function Remove from client in the lower area of the konfipay help page or via the user list be withdrawn at any time.

Overview of permanent windata customer advisors on the konfipay help page

Reading rights of the customer advisor

The restricted reading rights of the customer advisor are broken down by functional area in the following two lists; both for payment transactions and for client administration. These rights can neither be changed by the client, nor by the client advisor.

Payment transactions

Functional area

Permissions of the customer advisor

Bank accounts

  • View


  • Show contacts

  • Manage order types

  • Display communication protocols

  • Show customer logs

ISO 20022 and SEPA payments

  • View

Foreign trade payments

  • View

Money card files

  • View

Account transactions

  • Show transactions (only information about transaction files, no content)

  • Miscellaneous files

PayPal accounts

  • View

PayPal transactions

  • Show transactions

Client management

Functional area

Permissions of the customer advisor


  • View


  • View

  • Show group permissions

  • Show activity log

User groups

  • View


  • Show settings

  • Show communication


Full access

Deletion periods

  • View


  • View

If desired, a windata customer advisor can alternatively be invited as a guest user, whereby the user group can be freely assigned. If required, a special user group can be created for the customer consultant, in which the rights are assigned in a personalized manner.

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