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Creating a support ticket

If you encounter a problem and need assistance from the konfipay support team, you can create a support ticket at any time. You can use a ticket to describe your request so that our customer service can support you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can create a ticket at any time via the konfipay help page. To do this, click on the four tiles in the page header and then on Help and on the help page at the bottom right on Create ticket.

Creating an account in the windata service desk

windata uses the Atlassian Service Desk to provide technical support. To create a ticket, you must open an account there if you do not already have one - this happens completely automatically if you agree to the data transfer in konfipay:

Accessing the windata service desk

As soon as you have created an account in the windata service desk, you can use the link windata Help Center in order to access the service desk and view tickets that have already been created or processed:

Creating a support ticket

After creating an account in the windata service desk, you can now create a support ticket depending on your request - select the tile with the topic that fits best (Technical support/Licensing and billing questions/Other questions/Suggest improvement).

When creating a ticket, please ensure that you describe your issue as precisely as possible and, if possible, describe how the problem can be reproduced. Screenshots of error messages or the error reports themselves are also very helpful for our support staff.

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