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General information

A client represents a self-contained dataset. This is used to bundle data (e.g. of a company). Each user acts within the database of his client. The client in which a user was originally created is referred to as the main client. A user can have access to several clients. For this purpose he can be invited to other clients as a designated guest user.

Change of client

Users who have been invited as guests to other clients can dynamically switch between the main client and all clients with guest access. Switching to another client changes the dataset that the user is currently accessing. Switching to another client can be done via the menu, regardless of which part of the application the user is in at the moment.

Alternatively, the client can also be changed in the own user profile.

Change client via the menu

When switching to another client, the rights of the user groups to which the user belongs in the respective client automatically take effect. Thus, it is possible that a function to which a user has access in his main client, is not accessible in another client.

Differentiated access permissions per client

Leave a client

A user can also independently leave a client in which he is a guest. The menu item for leaving a client is located in the user profile.

A user can leave a client only if he or she is currently not active in that client. To leave the active client, it is necessary to switch to any other client beforehand.

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