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Activating two-factor authentication for your own account

To enable two-factor authentication for your own user account, click the profile icon in the top right navigation bar :konfipay_profile: and then on Profile, in order to call up your own user profile.

In your user profile, under the section Security, you will find the settings for the Two-factor authentication. Two types of two-factor authentication are available here: By email or by App/OTP (One Time Passcode).

To activate two-factor authentication by e-mail, simply click on the corresponding item from the list. Your settings will be automatically updated immediately and you will receive a confirmation of the operation by e-mail.

If you wish to use two-factor authentication via App/OTP, click Two-Factor Authentication (App/OTP) in the list. A pop-up will appear to guide you through the app setup:

You can use an app of your choice, e.g. the Microsoft Authenticator or the Google Authenticator. To set up, scan the displayed code with the selected app and enter the 6-digit code displayed on the mobile device in the pop-up window above. Clicking on Submit completes the setup process.

After successful setup of two-factor authentication via app/OTP, you will receive a confirmation of the process via email.

When setting up 2-factor authentication via app, be sure to write down the recovery codes that are displayed in the app. This way, if you lose your smartphone, you can restore access and are not locked out of konfipay.

If you deactivate 2-factor authentication via the app again, the setup process must be performed again when you activate it again.

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